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6×2 gallery is an independent and multi field space in the area of art, which started up in 2020 with the goal of interaction among different cultures, and with the vision of being present at an intenational level is seeking to provide a bed in which works of young artists along with old ones are displayed and introduced. Also inorder to upgrade the level of quality in society and lifestyle, with the priority of focusing on emerging talents and supporting young artists, is honoured to host and hold Art events by exhibiting art works on online gallery, intenet forum, education, webinars, seminars and workshops.
You educated and artlover audiences can watch the works being exhibited by entering the "viewing room" section which consists of 2 separate chambers; Also if there is any interest, our respected artists can see the preconditions related to holding an exhibition and showing their works by entering "booking" section and uploading needed documents to submit a request.